BlueHeronLogoSmallRegular visitors to the Blue Heron know a secret that makes dinner time, better time.  We have our own custom blends of spices and seasonings from the best importers in the world.  Whether it is the Blue Heron brand or Blue Crab Company or imports from France you will love how your next meal taste.  Be sure to try our delicious coffees and teas imported from the finest regions in the world as well.

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Herbs de Provence.  A collection of delicious herbs imported from France.

Seasonings from Blue Crab.  Delicious and affordable.


Snug Harbor and Sea Salt nuts. Sold in gift packs and individual containers.  Known for freshness and flavor.

Blue Heron's own brand of tasty treats features many offerings. Come in and try some today.


There are also selections of our own propriety Blue Heron blends.

Delicious Strawberry Jalapeno Jam, Sweet Pepper with Jalapeno, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Pineapple Mandarin.

The most delicious honey you will ever taste.  We have Chestnut and Lavender Honey imported from France.

Imported honey from France.