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It is sad to say in today’s world; the gift card may be king. Nothing says I love you like a gift card, right! Hopefully, the gifts you receive have more thought in them than that. In fact, something personal and tasteful makes anyone’s day when given or received. That was the reason Stephen Formwalt, the owner of the Blue Heron Gift Shop in Havre de Grace, decided to sell Grandmother’s Buttons.

If you didn’t know of Grandmother’s Buttons before today, you really should come and investigate for yourself. Grandmother’s Buttons are a gift with meaning.

Regardless of whether you are doing the giving or receiving. These decorative accessories have been featured on QVC, HSN and sold in the finest museum shops around the country, including the Metropolitan Opera and the Kennedy Center. Now you can also find them here in Havre de Grace, Maryland at the Blue Heron Gift Shop.

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grandmothets buttons

Grandmother’s Buttons are inexpensive custom jewelry – rings, necklaces, earrings, and accessories fashioned from vintage buttons of authentic pewter, steel, and original brass. Each piece made with vintage buttons, circa 1800’s – 1920’s. Each button discovered from Paris to Shanghai, the New York Garment District to the French Quarter of New Orleans. Grandmother’s Buttons are a unique, one-of-a-kind gift too. When you buy an item for yourself or give one as a gift, it is guaranteed to be unique.

Here at the Blue Heron, we believe that shopping should be more than a transaction. We strive to make it an enjoyable experience. From the moment, someone enters our little shop we envelop them in our world with fragrance, sound and most importantly sight. More than just display cases of tasteless offerings. The Blue Heron features the unique, the tasteful and the useful and offers gifts that catch the eye and make one wonder. Visit us the next time you are in Havre de Grace and discover a different kind of gift shop. Bring home unique.

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